UGC Veritechs.
The UGC has been particularly recalcitrant to experiment with new Veritech designs, due to public resistance; Though they go over great at airshows, every 15 of June they go over like a sewage-soaked blanket, and people complain. LOUDLY.
However, for some functions Veritechs are the ONLY realistic option, and therefore remain in service.
The OBP Z-4 T'sentraedi Veritech Hover Tank, VF-7 Alpha and VB-1 Beta Veritechs remain in service largely unchanged; The only improvement is the switch COMPLETELY to Shadow Technology, but this applies to ALL Veritechs (and the F-22 and GF-44 Raptors Fighters) with the exception of the OBP Z-4 and Veritech Hover Tank, and therefore these three platforms will not be covered. The Veritech Hover Tank and VF-1 (never actually named, though it is colloquially referred to as the "Valkyrie", the officially name for the early experimental Guardians used in the development of the Veritech) remain in service, though they have been upgraded. Adding to these two outstanding platforms are the VA/FS-5 TIGERSHARK-Class submersible and SVA/F-18 Sol space Veritechs. While the former are triple-stage Veritechs, the former are twin-stage. However, a Third twin-stage Veritech, the RAVEN Spy Veritech, is also included here; The Raven has the most unusually story, and well worth a glance.
However, all Veritechs were NOT created the same; The VF-6 C, J, and R and VB-1 C, J, and R Betas, the Logan Attack/Fighters, and the AJAC Veritech Helicopter were tested in a series of programs. These tests were even rigged in various ways to try to justify keeping them; Of the collection, only the VF-6R managed to collect enough points to be kept in consideration (eventually this, too, would be cancelled as the same components that kept it in the running could be easily re-installed into the VF-7 and VB-1). None of these craft are now in service, and of the collection, only 1/1 scale models (made of aluminum) of the Logan and AJACS can be found anywhere, at various militry aviation museums.
It should be noted that the Super and Strike Veritechs could, in fact, be put on ONE page, since the only thing required to convert one to the other is about 30 minutes with the proper equipment.
It should also be noted that some Veritechs are not 'aero-space' craft by any stretch of the imagination (most note worthily the Veritech Hover Tank 2.0 and VA/FS-5 TIGERSHARK-Class Submersible Veritech. However, for the purposes of simplification, they are included here.
Civilian Veritechs.
The Inter-Planetary Alliance (the grandfather organization of the UGC) authorized 02 types of Veritechs for civilian use; One is the VT-01 Worker Veritech which can be configured many ways (including an armed version, though this is illegal) and the other is the VT-02 Construction Veritech, which are used exclusively for construction purposes; Many of these are militry VF-1's that have somehow become damaged and are stuck in Battloid form.
VT-01 Worker Veritech
VT-02 Construction Veritech
Naval Veritechs.
The UGC only has 01 class of naval Veritech at this time; However, this may change in due course.
VA/FS-5 TIGERSHARK-Class Submersible Veritech
Land Veritechs.
The PV-07 Police Veritech and Veritech Hover Tank 2.0 serve the UGC's interests admirably; There are no current plans to replace these, but there are plans to supplement them with OBP Z-4 and captured Orguss Veritechs (in a limited role).
PV-07 Police Veritech
Veritech Hover Tank 2.0

Aero-Space Veritechs.
Veritechnology started in earnest with the VF-1 Veritech Fighter of SDF-001 MACROSS legend (often mis-named the "Valkyrie Fighter" by groups affiliated with Anti-UN forces), and for the last 400 years there was no practical way to discontinue the production of flight capable Veritechs; Only recently, with the advent of the Orguss and Super Alpha, was this even considered an option, and as the UGC still does not understand how the Orguss was developed the Super Alpha is the only one in serious consideration.
Due to relatively shrinking defense budgets, the VF-1, -18, and -19 are currently slated to go off line and replaced by the VF-06. The VB-06 will remain in service, taking over the role of the HAS-I Monster and HAS-II Dragonfly and some of the corvette roles (possibly replacing the RIN NADOW LOJM-Class, WarRIOR-Class, ADMIRALTY-Class, BLOCKADER-Class, ALLIANCE-Class, ANDROMEDA-Class, CONSTELLATION-Class, VEROCHA-Class, VOR'CHA-Class, B'REL-Class, GALOR-Class, and V'GER-Class).
SVF-1 Super Veritech Fighter
SVA-1 Strike Veritech Attacker
VF-19 Excalibur Stealth Veritech
The VB-06 Konig Monster Veritech
SVA/F-18 Sol Space Veritech
S/R-2000 Raven Spy Veritech
VF-06 Shadow Alpha Veritech