United Galaxies Council.
WHITE STAR-Class Corvette.
United Galaxies Council.
WHITE STAR-Class Corvette
Production Information:
Technical Specifications:
Length1,560 feet
Mass680,000 tons.
  • 1 beam cannon;
  • 2 pulsed neutron cannons;
  • 4 pulsed fusion cannons.
  • Auxiliary Craft:4 fighters
    Passengers60 troops
    Drive System
  • Triple Forcier System Drives;
  • Jump drive.
  • Powerplant
  • Quantum-gravitic reactor;
  • 3 fusion reactors.
  • Usage:
    AffiliationBabylon-Class Star Stations
    A Standard WHITE STAR-Class Corvette.
    A WHITE STAR-Class Corvette jumping to hyperspace.
    The WHITE STAR-Class is the primary defensive vsl of the Babylon-Class Star Station.
    Technical Information
    These are one of the newest class of UGC ship; They were developed specifically for the Babylon-Class Star Stations. They feature ultra-heavy shields and bio-armor, very similar to that on T'sentreadi ships. These ships were built to be both maneuverable enough to engage fighters but have the punch to take on capital ships and are used as the predominant weapons platform of the Babylon-Class after the Starfury Fighter, and have proven themselves to be formidable vessels taking on vessels many times their size and winning- Two of them actually engaged, at nearly point-blank range, a BREETIA TULL-Class UDF and forced the UDF to withdraw until they could call up reinforcements (this was during the Babylon FIVE mutiny).
    These are one of the most powerful ship to have ever existed in both offensive and defensive power ton for ton, and is nearly impossible to beat in one-on-one combat by any ships of equal mass; Fighters can engage them, but only in numbers. This incredible performance is in part due to advanced shipwright concepts found in the ship such as the bio-armored hull, which is capable of learning from experience and adapting itself to better protect the ship in new engagements. This hull design also gives the ship the ability to 'heal' itself after it has been damaged (indeed, they don't put into a dock for 'repairs', they put in for treatment, and require someone who is as much doctor as engineer). These ships are also capable to creating their own jump point into hyperspace without using a jumpgate giving these ships tremendous flexibility on the battlefield. They are also the SMALLEST ships capable of hyperspace without assistance, making them potentially devastating battlefield platforms.
    Offensively, though their weapons seem light compared to other vsls of equal mass, they are in fact devastating; Only Reflex weaps-equipped ships are more dangerous.
    These include:
  • A beam cannon;
  • Twin pulsed neutron cannons;
  • Quad pulsed fusion cannons;
  • Four Starfury Fighters.
    Like the Starfury Deep Space Fighter, the WHITE STAR-Class Corvette was developed specifically for the Babylon-Class Star Station by V-Tech Industries of Voorlone. The Voorlones, however, have been very quiet in galactic and intergalactic affair, and this has led conspiracy theorists to make some pretty wild allegations of varying types; To date, none have proven true. They just prefer to be left alone.
    The WHITE STAR-Class can not be manufactured on an average Babylon-Class Station, so the UGC has issued a special waiver allowing the Station Commanders to purchase them from whatever supplier can produce them; Unfortunately, the intent of the waver was for Station Commanders to obtain them from the host system, and some systems either can't produce them at all (rare), or issued a bid entirely too high for the commander to accept (occasional), and therefore they order them from another system. The UGC really can't do much about it, though, due to the practical needs of the Commanders.
    Since Babylon Stations occasionally must send secret, valuable, or high-risk cargos, the WHITE STAR'S are equipped with hyperdrives permitting them to operate inter-system, but is not adequate for inter-galactic travel (the Babylon-Class Stations can). The vsls are often tasked to deliver high-ranking dignitaries/VIP's to the stations and home again. Prisoners are typically not delivered in such comfort, though suspects/convicts who might be endangered (high-profile murderers, embezzlers, those who've committed crimes against children, etc).
    The REF would like to get WHITE STAR'S, specifically for the Patrol, but the Council has specifically refused; They want to keep the Babylon Program completely separate, and distinct, from all aspects of the militry.
    Naming a WHITE STAR-Class works a little bit differently than most ships; They are named sequentially with a tag for her station; The First one is always named ALPHA (NUMBER), and the First 26 use the phonetic alphabet. The numbers are said singly ("ZERO ONE, ZERO TWO", etc). For example, Babylon FIVE'S First ship was ALPHA ZERO FIVE, the second BRAVO ZERO FIVE, etc.
    It's confusing to name two vsls the same at any given time; When Babylon FIVE got up to the 27th ship, with ALPHA ZERO FIVE still in service, they couldn't re-use "alpha", so they named her ATTACK ZERO FIVE. BRAVO ZERO FIVE was out of service (she was, in fact, destroyed and nearly vaporized), but it's also bad luck to re-use a name immediately after, so they named the next ship BATTLE ZERO FIVE. CHARLE ZERO FIVE was still in service, so the next one was named CRUSADER ZERO FIVE. (Some say it's also bad luck to re-use the phonetic names, other say it doesn't matter; Babylon FIVE apparently thought it didn't matter, since three ships to date have carried the ZULU ZERO FIVE name, and all did so with distinction- Though the second one would be destroyed with the loss of all hands defending the station during the mutiny.)
    Name:WHITE STAR-Class.
    Type: Corvette.
    Crew: 38.
    Passengers: 60 troops.
    MDC By Location:
  • Hull-
    Hatches (2)-
    Force Field-
    200 each
    Engine Compartment-
    Thrusters (3)-
    Weapons Systems-
    600 each
    500 each
    250 each
    Notes: Usual penalties apply.
    Speed and Statistical Data:
    Speed: 800 mph.
    Hyperdrive Rating: Class 10.
    Maximum Range: Practicably unlimited.
    Clearance: 520 feet.
    Beam: 780 feet.
    Length: 1,560 feet.
    Weight: 680,000 tons.
    Cargo Capacity: 1,150 tons.
    Flight System: Standard grav pods.
    Thrust System: Triple V-Tech 21 Fusion Thrusters; Output: 72,000 N (24,000 each).
    Power System:
    Primary: Quantum-gravitic reactor; Output: 22,000 ggw.
    Secondary: 3 fusion reactors; Output: 15,000 ggw (5,000 each).
    Cost and Availability: 20 millioncredit; Takes 20 months to build, with as many as 5,000 are being built at any given time.
    Black Market Cost and Availability: Just don't bother. A Master black marketer will shoot you as a suspected cop.
    Weapon Systems:
    1. Point Defense Laser Turrets (2): An anti-fight/missile weapon.
    Purpose: Anti-Aircraft.
    MD: 1D4 per turret.
    Rate of Fire: Per gunners attacks per melee.
    Range: 1 mile
    Payload: Unlimited.

    2. V-Tech Beam Cannon (1): Designed by V-Tech Industries of Voorlone, the beam cannon is the most powerful weap currently used in the UGC outside the Reflex Cannon of SDF/UDF's and Syncro cannons. In fact, they have the range of the Reflex, the beam of the Synchro, and nearly the damage either, with a cyclic rate more on par with fighters, than with ship's weapons.
    Purpose: Anti-Ship.
    Beam Width: 50 feet.
    MD: 2D6 times 1,000 per blast.
    Range: 200,000 miles
    Rate of Fire: Once per melee.
    Payload: Unlimited.

    3. Pulsed Neutron Cannons (2): Based loosely on the V-Tech Beam Cannon, this weap was intended, originally, as the main offensive option of the WHITE STAR-Class Corvette.
    Purpose: Anti-Ship.
    Beam Width: 50 feet.
    MD: 3D6 times 100 per blast.
    Range: 2,000 miles
    Rate of Fire: Four times per melee.
    Payload: Unlimited.
    4. Pulsed Fusion Cannons (4): These are the four forward-firing heavy weapons, akin to a dogfighter's guns. However, they were intended as secondary weaps for disabling fire.
    Individually, they aren't as powerful as any other weap, but combined they can lay some serious hurt on the bad guys.
    Purpose: Anti-Ship.
    Beam Width: 50 feet.
    MD: 1D4 times 100 per blast.
    Range: 20 miles
    Rate of Fire: Per pilot's attacks per melee (there are controlled DIRECTLY from the helm).
    Payload: Unlimited.

    5. Full-Force Barrier Field: The Full-Force Barrier Field provides additional protection for the vessel.
    Purpose: Defense.
    MDC: 16,000.
    Range: 10 feet.
    Coverage Characteristics: A full 360 degrees coverage area around the ship.

    6. 4 Fighters: The ships will typically carry four Starfury Fighters, though most any kind can be. With some bigger fighters, the number of fighters must be reduced to three or even two.
    Alternatively, smaller robots/Destroids can be loaded up, though they must be un-loaded carefully, exposing the ships )potentially in combat), or Power Armor, which can pratically thrown out teh door (once even used as paratroopers).

  • Video Recorder: Records from sensors and the cockpit itself. 500 hours of recording available.
  • Radar: Civilian grade radar. Range: 2,000 miles, can track up to 250+/- individual targets. 95% reliability (00% against stealthed vehicles).
  • FLIR/SLIR: Forward and Side Looking Infrared. Allows pilot and weapons officer to get visuals on targets at night.
  • Decoy Pods: The Steneirian style decoy pods were installed on the ships for self-defense. The decoys themselves are specially modified Mini-Missiles that produce burning globs of magnesium/aluminum alloy to confuse both radar AND heat sensory systems, obscuring the ship. NOTE: Reduce effects by 20% against smart missiles (add +20% to rolls for smart missiles).
    01-50: Enemy missile or missile volley detonates in chaff cloud - Missiles are all destroyed.
    51-75: Enemy missile or missile volley loses track of real target and veers away in wrong direction (may lock onto another target).
    76-00: No effect, missile is still on target.
    Also note that the chaff cloud will also blind nearby heat sensors (and optically based sensors at night) for 1 melee. They will suffer the following penalties: Reduce melee attacks/actions, and combat bonuses by half. Also, a cloud of smoke approximately 25 square feet.
    Duration: 1D4 melee rounds.
    Rate of Fire: Once per melee.
    Payload: 6 chaff/flares.
  • ESM: Radar Detector. Passively detects other radars being operated.
  • AJP: Active Jamming Pod. Causes -25% to detection but when it is active, other vehicles/bases can detect that it is jamming, and some missiles will home in on jamming signals. Jamming also causes a -4 penalty to all radar guided weapons.
  • Full Range Sensory Suite: Infrared, ultra violet, Magnification, night sight, color filters, thermal imager. Range is about 2,000 miles for MOST sensors.
  • Motion Detector: Activates a loud wailing when an object is coming at the user fast, and a soft ringing if it's coming slowly. Activation ranges must be specified by the pilot.
  • Anti-Jamming System: Reduces Electronics Countermeasure by 3/4 (decrease skill level appropriately).
  • Electronic Counter Measures (ECM): These systems disrupt enemy radar and tracking systems, making it difficult for them to lock onto the ship with weapons. The countermeasures give the Mecha a +3 to dodge, +2 to strike and +1 on initiative in combat.
  • Fire resistance: Fires external to the craft have no effect on it.
  • MRA 6 Radios: Allows real time, continuous radio link up with friendly forces in the area via satellite relay over laser radio signals, preventing jamming, and automatically encrypts/decrypts same to prevent eavesdropping.
  • Type-11 wide band radios: Effective 10 mile range, auto encrypt/decrypt. Works on standard radio band wavelengths, so it can still be jammed (if the enemy knows the frequencies).
  • Combat Bonuses From WHITE STAR-Class Corvette Combat Elite:
  • 3 additional attacks per melee.
  • 1 additional attack per melee at levels 6, 9, and 15.
  • +4 Parry, Dodge, and Roll.
  • +2 Strike.
  • WHITE STAR-Class Corvette, 4 veiws; Portside, Ventral/Dorsal Splite View, Stern, And Bow.