I, Stephanie "Thomas MCCANN" ST CLAIRE, an adult residing at 2503A Leland Ave, Redding, CA, Terra, 96001, being of sound mind, declare this to be my Last Will and Testament. I revoke all wills and codicils previously made by me.

I appoint no one as my Personal Representative to administer this Will, as I have no estate. I will my body to the pauper's grave, and whatever effects may remain in my home upon discovery to the state to be auctioned off.

I direct the state to attend to any funeral expenses, including the cost of any suitable marker for my grave, without the necessity of an order of court approving said expenses. As an unbroken Southern Cross solider, and a loyal patriot to the United Earth Government and freedom fighter under the Invid Invasion, my body is by default the property of whatever agencies remain to attend to veteran's benefits; I presume my remains will be attended by the Robotech Expeditionary Forces or by the Terran Defense Forces, however I request be buried under the flag of 29TH Botoru3, the freedom fighter group I served with during the Occupation of Terra, and an Honor Guard of same if available.

I devise, bequeath, and give my effects to the state.

I devise, bequeath, and give all the rest and remainder of my residuary estate to the state.

As the State of New California will inevitably survive my departure, no auxillery is hereby named.

I hearby state and declare that I, Stephanie ST CLAIRE, am the terrorist known as "Thomas MCCANN," user of the singular vehicle "Dragon," a modified hovercycle.
I built Dragon from a standard Brasilia Design Works HR-32 Hovercycle around 2020 or so, using a pair of Regult PBC's I "liberated" rom an ASC scrap yard. I rebuilt the PBC's with the intent to use them to rob banks: One shot into the building, a breech is made, I take what I can and get out.
It worked very well for this purpose, but then the Invid came.
I knew my duty- I had to fight the slugs as hard as possible. But Dragon just wasn't up to the challenge. The battery packs only gave me 3, maybe 4 shots before I ran dry. I tried taking slugs on directly, but this failed. There is a legend that I killed a slug Pappa Pappa Gulf (Pincer). This story is true, but the whole story is I got VERY lucky. I happened to get ONE ROUND through his highly vulnerable forward sensor unit, which punched right through his damned body and killed him instantly.
After this, I realized I had to find a new, better, way forward. I conceived the use of Dragon to make the slugs "pick their own scabs" by tricking them into attacking collabortors. I never felt bad about any of this- When the Invid first arived, as a "former" Scouthern Crosser I was "very genrously" allowed to leave the Igo Interment Center1 after 6 months of being abused by the scabs. I knew some of these people! We'd been friends for god's sakes! But they took me and put me in that hole, where we were systematically abused. It was known during my days in the SC that I "swung both ways," so my tormentors used rape and lesbain rape as one more weapon against me. They would take me and another female out to the shed2 and force us to perform sex acts on each other and/or our guards. I remember, one of the guards was "Becky," a former ASC Hovertank mechanic. She'd been well-respected in this capacity, but when the Invid came she joined the collabs with the greatest of zeal. As one of my guards, she proved underneath all her professionalism was, in fact, a very sick woman who enjoyed abusing others. She'd allow male scabs to do literally anything to her, and seemed to enjoy it all. Then she'd turn on us, and make us do things to each other that I can not describe here. It was revenge for these abuses that I joined the freedom fighters, and specifically 29TH Botoru2, to kill as many Invid as possible.
Once in 29TH Botoru3, I arranged to sell my services to other groups. Only the battalion's CO, David LENNEN, and XO, Michelle LENNEN, knew that "Thomas MCCANN" was in fact a female. It was well known that "most" freedom fighter groups expected females to serve in either a domestic or morale status. It was deemed easier to lie about my sex than to deal with the problems.
I learned the hard way to use Bio-Emulators to "spoof" the slugs into thinking there was protoculture being used by the scabs. They'd attack and I'd drop a few bombs on the slugs. I also learned to go after fuel depots heavily. Using these combined tactics, I could rack up 200 or more dead and dying scabs in a day.
For each dead scab I charged a usery 20,000credit each, but I didn't do it for the money. On a few occasions, I even had to allow the clients to forestall payment, or simply give them a "discount," since I knew I couldn't collect THAT kind of money.
I also used high powered sniper rifles extensively, as well as IED's, to destroy/disable scab vehicles. I got so good at it, in fact, that I could "target" the scab vehicles for the pieces I wanted, and in fact fully rebuilt Dragon many times using this tactic.

I eventually hid Dragon in a tunnel somewhere in the Northern California mountains somewhere around 2050/2051 where it will be safe.

Stephanie ST CLAIRE
Stephanie ST CLAIRE
The instrument, consisting of this and two (2) typewritten pages was signed and acknowledged by Testator as his Last Will and Testament in our presence, and we, at his request, and in his presence, and in the presence of each other, have subscribed our names as witnesses.
Under penalties for perjury, we, the undersigned Testator and witnesses declare:
1. That the Testator executed this instrument as his Will;
2. That in the presence of witnesses, the Testator signed or acknowledge his signature already made, or directed another to sign for him in his presence;
3. That the Testator executed the Will as his free and voluntary act for the purposes expressed in it;
4. That each of the witnesses, in the presence of the Testator and of each other, signed the Will as witness;
5. That the Testator was of sound mind; and
6. That, to the best of his knowledge, the Testator was at the time eighteen (18) or more years of age.
All of which is attested to this 20th day of February 2013.

Stephanie ST CLAIRE
Stephanie ST CLAIRE
1: "Igo Internment Center"; Formerly the Igo-Ono Elementary School, "Home Of The Miners." During the first part of the occupation, pro-Invid collaborators had used the school as a detention facility to house ASC/GMP personnel taken during the "solider hunts." Many were never seen alive again. It is rumored than many from this facility were transferred to the Iron Mountain Dome Hive, where they were used as subjects in various Invid-supported experiments.
2: "The Shed": A wooden pre-fab building erected on the site where torture took place. Most was torture and humiliation for it"s own sake, some was "disciplinary" in nature for alleged violations of policy, none appears to have been for actual intelligence gathering.
3: "29TH Botoru": 29TH Botoru was in fact a successor group of the original 29TH Botoru of the Meltradi Forces, survivors of the First Robotech War who'd joined GLOVAL in defending Earth during DOLZA'S assault. Over the intervening years, most of the command stayed with the RDF, accepting new members of T'sentraedi defector females and some Terrans who joined the battalion in a "civilian" role, including being the only Botoru to allow males to join without reservations- this applied to Terran and T'sentraedi males alike. Each was assumed to be joining to marry a Meltradi, and in most casses this appears to have been generally correct. However, they appear to have joined as equal partners, an unusual standing in Botoru culutre. When the RDF converted to the REF, most of the battalion shipped off with them.Critical Analysis 02 April 2301:
The UGC can neither prove nor disprove the veracity of the claims made in this document; That the vehicle described does match "most" of what is known by the UGC about Dragon is undisputed, and the circumstances of Stephanie ST CLAIRE. does ring true; There was a Stephanie ST CLAIRE listed in the Armies of The Southern Cross, 421STMountain Offensive Squad based out of Donner's Pass, CA, and she was in fact honorably discharged just before the arrival of the Invid. Just after her discharge, there was an uptick in bank robberies, but no suspects could be identified, and some of those cases do in fact match the kind of damage that a Regult's PBC's could have made. As already discussed, there was an "Igo Internment Camp" for former Southern Crossers, and Stephanie ST CLAIRE was in fact listed as being there, but whether as internee or as camp staff wasn't listed, since a lot of those records were destroyed by the camp staff to prevent it being used against them later on. Sufficient records WERE kept, however, to keep the matter confused about who was staff and who was internee, in order to provide cover for staffers.
Analysis Update 18 February 2512:
Between 2042 and 2055, California suffered a fairly moderate drought. Structures of the old Shasta area were exposed.
In 2581, another drought the like of which had not occurred anywhere in recorded history occurred; For the years 2048-2053, NO recorded precipitation occurred. The dams in the region were actually in danger of collapsing; For this reason, a T'sentraedi QUILTRA QUELEUAL-Class Dock Landing Ship was recommissioned to bring Artic Ice into the lakes. In the process of this, a GSA Survey team was commissioned to survey the lakes to determine the presence or absence of damage to structures that may impede the filling. In Shasta Lake is a long abanonded train tunnel. The survey team entered the tunnel with rough sketches of what the tunnel SHOULD have been like; But as they went down the tunnel, they found damage to the left side. Further survey of the damage, necessary to ensure it wouldn't collapse (or worse scour away) as the lake refilled, revealed that the damage was not natural. A follow up team was called, which determined the "collapse" was in fact back fill to cover a new cavity. The cavity revealed an unusual, armed, hovercyle. It had clearly been there quite some time. The survey team leader, knowing the legend of Dragon, put a lid on the team, sequestering them until Galactic Investigation Services agents could arrive. This was the final link, the end of that treasure hunt- Dragon was recovered, somewhat intact, and the veracity of the Stephanie ST CLAIRE Will could be "mostly corroborated."