United Galaxies Council.
WB-417 Disposable Poly-Carbonate Wing Boards.
United Galaxies Council.
The WB-417 is, technically, a FAST Pack, though it provides no sensory capacity or fuel to its Mecha; It's a wing-board, designed specifically for the VHT. A special glue is applied to the dorsal Mecha cavity, with special emphasis placed on ensuring every nook and cranny is filled. You then position yourself over top in Transport mode and allow the glue to cure (or harden) for about 4 hours. During an assault, the VHT engages hovering thrusters to move themself out of a delivery platform (such as a GARFISH-Class Frigate) drop out the back, and glide down the surface of a planet using the foot thrusters for "some" control. The wing board provides limited lift, but more importantly provides drag, which slows the hovertank down; In reality, this is mostly a controlled crash.
The best overall technique is to ride the board down to about 10 feet (or so, though REALLY gutsy guys would go further STILL), transform to Tank Mode, then engage foot thrusters at absolute maximum (we're talking over the red line here, people, not simply "running them up a bit"), then switch BACK into Transport mode and engage ALL thrusters full on. The high friction on the board breaks down the glue, making it soft; Then the transformation process breaks the glue's hold, releasing the Mecha from the board.
This technique reduces downward momentum to a jarring, but survivable, 2.5 or so gee's. When all else failed, the tanker can bail out, using a rocket pack to return safely to the ground.
With the advent of grav pod technology, the use of the WB-417 has dropped, due to safety issues; About 1 in 10 wingboards would fail in flight (from simple cracking during decent to full-out disintegration). However, a few are maintained in reserve elements in the event they are desirable.
Simplified versions of the wingboard had been in use long before the much larger-scale version used on VHT's were developed, and only one unit, REF 271ST Dragoon, used them in significant numbers (during the war with the Regent).
Though no sensors, etc, are integrated into the wings, they 'can' be; This is generally considered a waste, however, since the wings are disposable.
Name: WB-417 VHT Wing Board.
Model Type: WB-417
Class: FAST Pack.
Crew: Not Applicable.
Passengers: Not Applicable.
M.D.C. By Location:
Fuselage/VHT Cavity-60Wings-40 each
Statistical Data:
Height: 2 feet, 8.5 inches
Wingspan: 40 feet
Length: 10 feet
Weight: 50 lbs.
Cargo: None.
Power Systems: None; The WB-417 is unpowered.
Flight Systems: Standard aero-foil effect; Range: 500 feet safely (not counting glide path).
Cost and Availability: 25,000 credits; Rare now, but a few million or so are in storage collecting dust.
Estimated Black Market Cost and Availability: A few thousandcredit, depending on quality.
Weapons Systems:
NONE. The WB-417 does NOT supply anything other than reduced downward decent.
  • None: The WB-417 does not supply any additional features other than reduced downward decent.
    Combat Bonuses From WB-417 Disposable Poly-Carbonate Wing Board Use:
  • Automatic Initiative.
  • Horror Factor of 20; Totally terrifying. Even enemies that have experienced this (and survived) know this sh*t is "For Real." (Does not work on weapons systems controlled by automatic targeting systems.)
    Deficits From WB-417 Disposable Poly-Carbonate Wing Board Use:
  • No dodge; Once you're on the glide path, you're stuck.