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Defense Forces.
X-TIE Fighter.
New Geh 'Dia Order.
New Geh 'Dia Order
Defense Forces.
The X-TIE Fighter was an Ugly starfighter made out of the cannibalized parts of a T-65 X-wing starfighter and a TIE/ln starfighter. The ship consisted of an X-wing fuselage and engines, and solar panels from a TIE Fighter. The solar panels replaced the S-foils that were present on
X-TIE Fighter.
X-TIE Fighter Schematic (limited).
X-TIE Fighter Views; Portside With Solar Panel, Portside Without Solar Panel, Isometric, And Dorsal View.
Production Information
ModelT-65/X-Wing-TIE/ln Aero-Spacefighters
ClassUgly Aero-Spacefighter
Technical Specifications
Maximum Acceleration:4,240 G.
Maximum Atmosphere SpeedMach 8
Engine Units
  • 4 times 4j.4 fusial thrust engine;
  • SFS P-s5.6 twin ion engines (rated 175 KTU)
  • HyperdriveNone; Can NOT acheive any form of FTL.
    PowerplantSFS I-s3a solar ionization reactor
    HullTitanium Alloy Hull
    Sensor Systems
    Carbanti Transceiver Package:
  • Fabritech ANs-5d full-spectrum transceiver (some configurations include PA-9r long range phased tachyon detection array and PG-7u short range primary threat analysis grid);
  • Melihat "Multi Imager" dedicated energy receptor;
  • Tana Ire electro-photo receptor
  • Targeting Systems
  • Fabritech ANq 3.6 tracking computer;
  • IN-344-B "Sightline" holographic imaging system
  • Navigation Systems
  • SFS N-s6 Navcon;
  • Astromech Droid
  • AvionicsTorplex Rq8.Y flight computer
  • Twin Krupx MG7 proton torpedo launchers (3 torpedoes);
  • 2 times or 4 times Taim & Bak KX9 or IX4 laser cannons;
  • 2 times Taim & Bak KX9 or IX4 laser cannons;
  • 2 times Seiner Fleet Systems L-s9.3 laser cannons.
  • Crew
  • Pilot; Astromech Droid;
  • Co-Pilot, RIO, Or Trainer (optional)
  • Cargo Capacity4' times 3' times 4'/242.5 lbs
    Consumables1 week
    Other Systems
  • AE-35 subspace transceiver;
  • Ejection seat
  • Usage
  • Starfighter;
  • Distant Sentry;
  • Decoy Target/Bait
  • Eras
  • Pre-UGC (limited);
  • Post-UGC (extensive)
  • Affiliations
  • Pirates;
  • Smugglers;
  • Private Defense Fleets;
  • Other Groups; Rarely used by a legitimate group in a manned format.
  • a standard X-wing.
    Weapons Systems:
    Weaponry usually consisted of two laser cannons mounted on the fuselage (abaft the Warhead launchers), though some mounted the X-Wing's lasers on the wings
    An X-TIE Heavy And Armed With Quad
    Taim & Bak KX9 Laser Cannons.
    as well; The fighter could NOT support more than 06 such weaps, and at least one craft was recorded with twin SFS L-s9.3 laser cannons in the fuselage, twin Taim & Bak KX9 on the overwing, and twin IX4 laser cannons on the underwing. However, this unit apparently met an untimely end when the pilot overloaded the powerplant and it blew up (not an uncommon fate of Uglies in general).
    As a general rule, the X-TIE was equipped with shields.
    Speed And Flight Dynamics:
    Maximum atmospheric speed was recorded at a respectable Mach 8, but maneuvering in the atmosphere was severely limited. This was achieved by four 4j.4 fusial thrust and one SFS P-s5.6 twin ion engines (rated at 175 KTU); However, maneuverability was limited by the large sail from the SFS I-s3a solar ionization reactor (which serves at the primary powerplant). They are not generally equipped with a hyperdrive motivator.
    The titanium alloy hull is rated to withstand all small-arms fire, and even a direct hit by many anti-aerospace weaps; In at least one spectacular case, an X-TIE absorbed a direct hit from a full broadside Konig Monster and continued to prosecute it's mission (it appears to have been a precision bombing mission). Although the fighter was destroyed before it could hit it's mark, if DID survive all that.
    The X-TIE was equipped with the Carbanti manufactured transceiver package that comprised the Fabritech ANs-5d full-spectrum transceiver or PA-9r long range phased tachyon detection array and PG-7u short range primary threat analysis grid, Melihat "Multi Imager" dedicated energy receptor, and Tana Ire electro-photo receptor, used the Fabritech ANq 3.6 tracking computer linked to the IN-344-B "Sightline" holographic imaging system for targeting, a SFS N-s6 Navcon slaved to an Astromech Droid for navigation, and the Torplex Rq8.Y flight computer for avionics. None of these were the top-teir tech of the time of the X-TIE's introduction, but were more than sufficient for local defensive and anti-shuttle work, which is the main role the X-TIE effectively fills. They were also usually equipped with an AE-35 subspace transceiver and ejection seats taken from the TIE.
    A far superior variant was the X-TIE Interceptor, which used TIE Interceptor solar panels and thus had an armament comparable to that of a standard X-wing. Like many other Uglies, this ship was not that great, with a lower-than-average firepower/weight ratio; That is, for every ton of craft aloft, the firepower was less than a comparable platform. They are used predominantly by pirates, smugglers, and other cash-poor groups. Though capable of harassing unarmed commercial vessels, these ships could be destroyed en masse by a single true aero-spacefighter. However, before the advent of the UGC's forced peace, the T-TIE was critical to many of the smaller groups, especially those one limited budgets and/or limited access, such as the Nesshier Colalition (in the second quadrant, and therefore allied to none of the big four).
    However, the X-TIE gave birth to the X-TIE/In, and in it's own small way to the Z'Ceptor, and unmanned versions have been modified into everything from flying bombs to sentries to navigational beacons for outlier orbits in some systems (including Azumption).
    The Corellian Defense Forces were known to employ Uglies, including X-TIEs, during the disorganized period after the fall of the Empire. NRI agent Belindi Kalenda used one to escape the Corellian system and Warn the New Republic moments before the First Corellian Insurrection.
    The only major variant is the 2-seater version used for training and special missions. As a general rule, the X-TIE is not powerful enough to justify the cost of building a two-seater unless one happens to have X-Wing Tandem and a set of I-s3a solar sails and simply can not avoid making the conversion.
    Strategic Outlook
    The X-Tie's future is pretty bleak; All the X-Ties in service with UGC affiliated states were upgraded to X-Ceptor's, and the TIE/In panels have been broken down for spare parts (mainly motivators, servos, power feeds, and the panels themselves), with the rest cut up and sold to scrap. Unaffiliated groups and mercenries still field some, but the UGC has offered to assist them in upgrades with certain provisos, and every year another groups signs the provisos. The REF is NOT impressed, with even a Ghost fighter often able to take the X-TIE on in one-to-one combat (it's happened, over FBX 21555320 by a "rouge" Palpatinian Acolyte).
    Name: X-TIE Ugly.
    Model Type: Aero-Space Fighter.
    Crew: One.
    Drones: One Astromech Drone is possible if the pilot so desires.
    Passengers: None.
    MDC By Location:
    Wings/Solar Panels (2)-
    100 each


    Notes: Usual penalties apply.
    Speed and Statistical Data:
    Speed: Up to 25 Mach in space, Mach 8 in atmosphere.
    Range: The powerplant is solar-powered; The fuel tanks can hold up to 20 years of constant acceleration.
    Hovering Height: 20 inches. (This is an actual hover of 1 inches, since the solar panels reach 19 inches below the fuselage).
    Height: Solar Panels: 7 feet, 2 inches; Fuslage: 4 feet.
    Span: Solar Panels: 7.5 feet; Fuslage: 3.5 feet.
    Length: 25 feet.
    Weight: 30 tons.
    Power System: Solar Panels (2). Output: 22 gigawatts; Range: To the edge of the solar systems, right out to the Van Ord Belts.
    Hover System: Grav pods.
    Drive System: Twin Ion Engines (internal) and Quad 4L4 Fusial Thrust Engines (external); Output: 235 newtons nominal.
    Cargo Capacity: There is a small compartment behind the pilot's seat, accessible by leaning the seat forward or opening an underside hatch. 4' times 3' times 4.' Not recommended for a Cyclone (the cockpit can be modified to allow a power armor to be worn while flying).
    Cost and Availability: Varies greatly, but the X-Wing is roughly 60,000credit to build and the solar panels run 8,500credit.

    Weapon Systems:
    TIE Fighter-Style Taim & Bak KX9 or X-Wing-Style IX4 Laser Cannons (2): Choose one pair (will not work otherwise):

    1. Taim & Bak KX9 Laser Cannons: Orginally designed for the TIE Fighter- Also known as the "chin lasers."
    Purpose: Dogfighting.
    MD Per Laser: 1D4 per blast.
    Rate of Fire: Four times pilots attacks per melee; Each time the trigger is pulled, the lasers double-fire.
    Range: 2,000 feet.
    Payload: Unlimited.

    2. IX4 Laser Cannons: Originally designed for the X-Wing.
    Purpose: Dogfighting/Anti-Armor.
    MD Per Laser: 3D6 per blast.
    Rate of Fire: Per pilot's attakcs per melee.
    Range: 1,500 feet.
    Payload: Technically unlimited; Capacitors allow the weapon to be fired indefinately, up to 30 melee; Then they need 3D6 melees to recharge.

    3. 6 times SFS L-s9.3 Fuselage-Mounted Medium Laser Cannons: Fire directly forward. Can be fired in tandem, paired, or stutter.
    MD: 3D6 per cannon.
    Range: 12,000 feet (3,600 m) in an atmosphere and 32,000 feet (9,600 m) in space.
    Rate of Fire: Each squeeze of the trigger is counted as one attack, but the guns fire according to the setting.
    Payload: Effectively Unlimited.

    4. Shields: Exactly the same as any other variable full-force barrier field.
    Purpose: Defense.
    MDC Per Panel: 100 each.
    Number of Panel: 6.
    Coverage Characteristics: A full 360 degrees coverage area around the craft.
    Notes: Requires only one melee action to raise or change densities; Can be slaved to fire-control to raise/lower automatically upon firing.

    5. Wing Pylons: Up to 2 under- and over-wing pods of any light- to medium-type desired can be mounted. Available types: M-7 Rocket Pod, M-11 Torpedo Pod, SRM and MRM Launchers, and Fuel Pods.
    • Video Recorder: Records from sensors and the cockpit itself. 500 hours of recording available.
    • Radar: Combat grade radar. Range: 200 miles, can track up to 250 individual targets. 95% reliability (24% against unfriendly stealthed vehicles).
    • FLIR/SLIR: Forward and Side Looking Infrared. Allows pilot and weapons officer to get visuals on targets at night.
    • ESM: Radar Detector. Passively detects other radars being operated.
    • AJP: Active Jamming Pod. Causes -25% to detection but when it is active, other vehicles/bases can detect that it is jamming, and some missiles will home in on jamming signals. Jamming also causes a -4 penalty to all radar guided weapons.
    • Full Range Sensory Suite: Infrared, ultra violet, Magnification, night sight, color filters, thermal imager. Range is about 2,000 miles for MOST sensors.
    • Motion Detector: Activates a loud wailing when an object is coming at the user fast, and a soft ringing if it's coming slowly. Activation ranges must be specified by the pilot.
    • Anti-Jamming System: Reduces Electronics Countermeasure by 3/4 (decrease skill level appropriately).
    • Electronic Counter Measures (ECM): These systems disrupt enemy radar and tracking systems, making it difficult for them to lock onto the ship with weapons. The countermeasures give the Mecha a +3 to dodge, +2 to strike and +1 on initiative in combat.
    • Fire resistance: Fires external to the craft have no effect on it.
    • Grav Clamps: Reversing the polarity of gravpods in the landing struts allows the fighter to adhere to the hulls of Warships and the exteriors of SOME buildings.
    • MRA 6 Radios: Allows real time, continuous radio link up with friendly forces in the area via satellite relay over laser radio signals, preventing jamming, and automatically encrypts/decrypts same to prevent eavesdropping.
    • Type-11 wide band radios: Effective 10 mile range, auto encrypt/decrypt. Works on standard radio band wavelengths, so it can still be jammed (if the enemy knows the frequencies).

      Combat Profile for the X-TIE Ugly:
    • +1 attacks per melee.
    • +4 Parry, Dodge, and Roll.
    • +2 Strike.